New C4D Material Filter/search plugin


Dear All,

here is a small helper tool, something we and many users yet miss,
a filter/search tool for the c4d material manager!
it works interactive while you type, and can be docked anywhere in the GUI.
It works with any material from any render engine in C4D.

it cost only 9.- euro netto and it needs no serial.
we support R25 WIN und OSX (includingM1):

if there is interest we are glad to support also r23.
we included “regex support”

if you have ideas for more features just tell us

best greetings,


Looks nice. Will it also work with S24?


for now we have it R25, but we plan to make a r23+ soon (includes 24)


we just added r23 support (win and osx), existing customers have it in their download


it also supports r26, as someone asked me