Network Rail - New Lines concept animation


Today, network rail unveiled their plans for the building of a new high speed rail connection between London and Scotland.
We helped Darkside Animation and Nick Scott Studios produce the concept animation for Pretzel Films and Network Rail for the end client.
The production of the 1m:20s concept animation which required the building of a whole city, landscapes, several train stations + character animation and rigging, special effects programming and fluid simulation was carried out in a record breaking 2 weeks from assignment through concept and to completion.

The full animation can be seen here:

Parts of it was also featured in BBC News’ covering of the story plus most of the other UK press.

  • Client: Pretzel Films
  • End Client: Network Rail
  • Concept & Director: Nick Scott, Nick Scott Studios
  • Production Company: Darkside Animation
  • Animation Producer: Andrew Bishop
  • Compositing: Richard Acton
  • Audio: Si Begg
  • Modelling: Dan Barker, Peet Lee, Mike Rollinson
  • Scene setup & Rendering: Dan Barker, Andrew Bishop, Greg Cox, Julian Davidson, Lucy Hare, Peet Lee, Vegard Myklebust, Simon Percy, Caroline Phasey & Mike Rollinson.
  • Character Rigging & Animation: Vegard Myklebust
  • Effects programming: Vegard Myklebust
  • Effects animation: Peet Lee, Vegard Myklebust, Julian Davidson, Dan Barker
  • Fluid simulation: Julian Davidson.


Very cool indeed! :thumbsup: Quite an accomplishment given the time constraints. Any chance of a breakdown of software used for modeling, texturing, rigging, compositing, etc…?


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