Needs to be a way to turn the portfolio off


Perhaps in the portfolio settings section there needs to be a button to turn the portfolio off. ie. to not show the personal details.


Yeah I was wondering if there was a way to switch of the Date of Birth from displaying?

DOB is sometimes used by a lot of services to authenticate people’s identities so it might not be a good idea to display it.


Yes it would be good to be able to turn all items off individually but also there should be a single checkbox for opting out of having a portfolio altogether.


There is an option to opt out of having a portfolio. Don’t register for one. The decision to create a portfolio is in the user’s hands. If you don’t visit the registration page, you won’t have a portfolio. It’s not a mandatory deal that comes with CGS membership.

Once you’ve registered however, there probably should be an option to remove your portfolio if you’re not interested. I mean, other than going through and deselecting your About, Blog, Guestbook and Images Displayed options.

Although making a “one click” option to turn it off is going to create a lot of “where’s my portfolio?” questions. There is no easy solution. :smiley:


As far as I know there is currently no way to turn off your About page. That and maybe the gallery I personaly would like checkboxes for on the Portfolio Settings page.


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