Needed Arnold scene with Alsurface applied to get Redshift to load it?



Iv just got Redshift and realy much prefer my Vray Alsurface. Reshift has a internal port of Alsurface but I cant access it as a material, but rather its support is found only when loading a arnold scene that is using the Alsurface.
Im not sure if then I can access the material for my own use after that?

Does anyone have a test scene with Alsurface applied that I can have please, just a sphere with the material applied using all 3 SSS layers and diffuse colour.

Thanks, Dan


Dan, skin is not my common area of work, but I know there is a lot of confusion in this area, so you may find this thread useful:

Also, the main Redshift material with it’s 3 layer SSS has superseeded the Rs skn material - so you are strongly advised to use the former.

Hope this helps