Need your recommendation " about animation job in Canada"



I have finished civil engineering, but now I am thinking of going to Canada to study my passion and childhood dream, which is 3d Animation … Is Canada an excellent place to work in the field of 3D animation or do you think there a better place? Is it difficult to find a job in Canada after graduating without experience? someone told me that he had a friends who didn’t find a job for 3 years in 3d Animation industry in Canada after graduating, so is it so hard to find a job in 3D Animation in Canada?? or it’s just take 6 months in average for fresh graduate to land a job there?

Waiting for your responses impatiently and thanks


There is a large CGI industry in Canada. But getting a job anywhere is entirely up to you!
Anyone who struggled to find a job frankly wasn’t good enough to get that big break. And then stopped trying.
And most of us aren’t good enough at first. The real question is how passionate are you to get good enough
after you finish school?! School does not equal a job by itself. Just the building blocks to start creating a portfolio.

A good article for anyone thinking about this career:


Thank you so much for your reply and time. The article is really awesome


I think that is a really good place to go, some of the Canada’s Best Game Design Schools for 2020 are:

Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
Vancouver Film School
The Centre For Digital Media
Sheridan College
Toronto Film School


Thank you so much for your reply

Langara college opened a new department for VFX and 3d animation and they a supervisor of Game of thrones and a lot of instructors that have a decent experience in big films and games. so, i think i will go for it and please if you have any information about the college and 3d animation program that they have to give me some information.


Actually if its ‘brand new’ you have as much info as anyone.
As long as they have the instructors they say they do.

Otherwise ‘years established in the industry’ -with alumni reviews- is a better option for any school frankly.

Brand new = you are a guinea pig…


But the names of the teachers are huge, and it is more interesting than any other school.

thank you so much for your reply


That is really good and I think you should go for it. I am sure your future will be safe if you go for the 3D animation job. But I am sorry, I don’t know whether you will get a job in Canada or not. If you are going to Japan then it will be easy for you to get a job. I am sorry, I can’t help you with this. But yeah, if you want to know how good music develops writing skills then I would recommend you to visit here in which you will find about them in brief.


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As per my opinion you should go for the Canada , because there is good career option for animation industry.