Need to read SRT's from particles


Hey guys.

Trying to make a little script with vbscript to help out with some repetitive stuff, but I can’t manage to read the position, rotation, or scale values from the particles.

I tried referenceing icetree.particle[x]/posx/rotx/sclx as a value to be given to another variable, and also tried pointcloud.particle[x].posx/rotx/sclx.

Also, I tried the SITransformations.getRotations with no luck.

I think my logic is sound here, I just don’t know how to read particle SRT’s?


Haven’t tried this myself but the docs might help you in this case:,topicNumber=si_om_ICEAttribute_html


hmm. well I don’t know. because I’m trying to make a script utilising vbscript from within the softimage api, and c++ plugs into the softimage api, which would complicate the process alot if I were to start doing that I think?

Thank you very much for the link though, gonna try look into it properly. :slight_smile:

ps. is this lonely corner of the softimage forum so dead coz ICE took over? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well most people are either on or on the mailing list these days.


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