Need some help with getting nparticles to follow a volume curve


Hello all,

So im animating a man turning into ash. As he’s denigrating im trying to get the debris to go a certain direction, and not go everywhere. the mesh is mainly made up of nparticles, that are goal targeted to the man mesh at a goal weight of 1. when the goal weight is 0, i would like to control the debris to follow a path using ether a curve or fields.

thanks in advanced


Choose volume curve under Fields/Solvers with the nParticle selected. You can use a circular (looping curve) or a path type line curve.

Just expand the section radius to encompass the particles at the mouth of the curve. (show dynamics to see the shape). I find that reducing the conserve of the nParticle to be most effective at getting the particles to follow (using the along axis attribute with 1-5 magnitude) without them trying to fly out of it. There is a trap inside atribute but that will make them bounce around. Finally the graph alows you to shrink and grow the path by creating new points.

the rest of the atributes are pretty self explanatory.

Give it a shot and see how you like it!