Need Painted Style Contour Shader / Renderer - Can anyone tell me what to use?


Years ago, when Brazil r/s was still available, I rendered the images below. Now, I need a renderer that will let me achieve the same effect since Brazil is no longer available in 3ds Max.

These are stock from the renderer using Brazil’s cell shade material / toon material. I put a grayscale bitmap into the contour channel to create the roughed edges look. I want to recreate this same look today, but I don’t know what renderer or shading system would be best for this kind of control.

Can anyone point me to another rendering engine that is capable of doing contour shading with a textured/painted look like this? If I had to go to something as hardcore as Renderman, I’d be ok with that as long as I could find some contour shaders to get me started. Would rather not have to go to Renderman though. Thoughts?


I think Arnold has a toon shader? V-Ray can also do it but if I’m not mistaken its not a shader but more of a material that you put together…



Check this article out ->

It should shed some light on the new Arnold Toon Shader