Need help with dynamics based IK animation



I am trying to animate a fast moving fish using the character animation tool. My problem is that I want to get a slow-mo of a fast moving fish. I can’t figure out how to slow down the animation without it affecting the dynamics of it. As soon as I slow down the animation by e.g. increasing the fps, the dynamics adapt and I loose the high energy movements I had before. I can’t seem to counteract this effect by lowering the strength in the dynamics tags…

Is it possible to somehow bake the dynamics in and then increasing the frame rate, or how would one solve this?


It depends on your scene, but you could potentially use the Time Scale % in Project Settings under the Dynamics>General tab or save/bake out an alembic animation and you’ll have Alembic animation playback speed settings etc. that may get you what you’re after. See this Cineversity tutorial by @Noseman