Need help whit z-depth compositing


Hi i need some help whit compositing z-depth, i have rendred out my master layer and z-depth layers from maya, but how do i comp the two layers together?


You have to use a copy-node to bring the depth-layer in the z channel of your beautyPass (or whichhever pass you want to have depth of field). If the Z-channel of your Depth-pass doesn’t contains data, you can copy the red-channel in the z-channel with a reorder node (rgbar)
Then attach a zBlur-node or zDefocuse-node.
A way to control the point of focus is by attaching a pixelAnalyzer-node on your depth-sequence and after analyzing the color of the object you want to be in focus, use the color information of the averageRed to drive the focus center of the zBlur.
Hope this helps.


Tnx thath was exactly what is was looking for=) Got a perfect result :applause: :beer:


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