Need help smoothing these edges!


Can someone tell me how to make these edges smooth, please?! I’ve tried using “Subdivision Surface”, however when i do, it looks crazy!


It looks like all the polygons are disconnected. You can try optimizing the model (mesh -> commands ->optimize) with the points option enabled.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. here are the results of your recommendation.

P.S. Something still seems abit funky with the render…


subdivision hates triangles - try selecting your mesh and choosing “untriangulate” which will try to make quads. But it likely won’t really fix it. Poly meshes need to be modeled in a very specific way for subdivision to to be clean and predictable. Google “subdivision modeling”. You’ll get results for all 3D apps, but that is OK since the technique is universal.


Thank you so much for the help. that actually made it look a lot better. i guess i have to go with what i have, since nothing else will work. this was a free model from the Sketchup Warehouse anyway :frowning:


The best way would be to spend the 5 minutes necessary to recreate your object with a lathe, you’ll get all the definition and rounding you wish for.


not to sound like a jerk…but if I knew how to do that, I would’ve done that from the beginning. I can model certain things, but not a radio control tower like what you see in my example pictures. So, what may take some “5 minutes” to design, it’ll take me 5 days. Thanks for your reply though.


Easy there. You picked up something in his response that I didn’t. Context is tricky over text, and the safer option is to not presume any malice.

What I picked up is a helpful response that points to the right approach, along with the fact that it’s quick to set up.

Just look up ‘lathe’ in the C4D docs, and you should be good to go. Good luck.


Thank you for the admonition. I can see exactly what you see now. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m bogged down with my 3D project.


I apologize for my rude comment. I’m just very stressed out from this project. Thanks a bunch for your help :+1:t4:


No problem, If you post a front view of your object, I’ll do the lathe for you, so you can see how easily it is set up.


Man, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I truly appreciate it! Here is the front view snap.


Here the lathe


Awesome. thank you. Is it possible to attach multiple materials on this? it’s applying only one to it when i try. i need it to have both Stone and Glass textures like this…


Sure: apply your stone overall, then the glass with a flat projection Tile ticked off. Add as many copies of the glass shader you need. I added disks to fill the holes in between floors.



Beautiful job…may i have that file too? lol




You are an Angel! Thank you so much for ALL of your help!!!


I’d recommend spending 20 minutes watching a few youtube tutorials on how to use the Lathe. Super easy, like SUPER EASY!!!