Need help Ribbon rig problem with the wrist


Little warning i’m not an english native speaker so if there is any mistake or weirdly worded sentence…that normal and i’m sorry, anyway.

Hello, so the situation is quite “simple”
I started working on a ribbon based rig for a human character.
Everything was fine until i realised a liittle problem with the ribbon following my arm on the part following my Wrist.

I join a shirt video showing the problem in here but for the one that want it writte down.
I just finished to create and group/constrain the three locator that i needed to have my unroll (or twist if you prefer) to act only on the desired axes but when i start to translate and move my arms around the Ribbon just start rotating and moving around.

I’m unable to find a solution, so if anyone have an idea that would be worderfull!