Need help in Lips rig Setup


I am doing a face setup and need tips from experts :slight_smile: , Please have a look at image. I just make parent child connection between “controller 1” and controllers A B C. so if i will move controller 1 all A B C controller will follow him with 100% Value.

Now i want to make a relationship between Controller 1 and 2. and also want to control the intensity for the relationship. I don’t want to follow him 100%, may be 30% will work for me.

I am pretty sure that i don’t want to do any set driven key setup. Please suggest me other ways.
thanks very much.


Anyway you have to Constraint Controller 2 to Controller 1 . Make another constraint (parent) to the Head joint.
Now keep the constraint weight of controller 2 towards controller at 0.3 and towards head joint as 0.7.
Hope this gives the result you are looking for.



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