~!Need Help!~ For Writing Configuration/INI/Store/Remember/Note default files


Hello, everyone~~=]
I met difficulties in writing your own scripts.
I want some parameters in the current operation in my script can be recorded to a *configuration *file.
Such as recording output paths I set, the CheckBox checked state set, or the Value of a parameter fill out ,can be record to the configuration file automatic When I close the MAX or script dialog.
It still can be read from the configuration file to my preferences In next time I restart MAX or script dialog.
Please teach me how to write this code.

I am very grate&Thankful here.


It’s 2017 help, but should be the same from then onwards:


Thank you friend ~~~~~~~>:+1::grinning: for reminding me to solve my problem
I then referred to MS for BoonTools
This is done with Get/SetINIFile
Thank you very much. Thank you.