Need help creating Underwater bubbles in Maya


Hi guys! I’m needing help in creating the Underwater bubbles effect, where the bubbles float around, change shape and merge together like showing in this clip:

I’m new to dynamics in Maya and have no idea how to make it. I tried using ncloth to create a soft sphere object which might react like a bubble when collide with a hard object, but i can’t make it float around and merge together with another bubble. Any suggestions?


I would us nParticles instead of an nCloth. Using the “Blobby Surface” particle type you basically get metaballs from your particles. They will merge and flow and with a little work and an upward-vector, you should be able to do pretty convincing bubbles.


Thanks for the reply!
I did a little search about metaballs and yes, it did the merging quite well. But will I be able to make it soft and deform when making contact with another object? That’s the only reason why I tried ncloth in the first place…


You will much better results using Realflow for underwater bubbles : )