Need help choosing between Alienware Area 51-m vs. Dell Zbook 17 G5



I’m a 3d generalist and I’m upgrading my workstation to something more… Capable.

My time is generally spent in Blender 3D and I need something to handle big complex scenes and be able to render them respectably fast. My workflow is starting to include more real-time aspects ( with there the release of EEVEE ) and I may consider getting into Unreal Engine.

These are the two configurations

Alienware Area-51 m

CPU: i9-9900K
GPU: RTX 2070

Dell Zbook 17 G5

CPU : Xeon E-2186M
GPU : Quadro P5200

The difference between them seems to be like bandwidth vs. sheer speed. I would like to know your take on this, your help is appreciated.


Does it have to be a laptop? You’re throwing a fortune on this and the possibilities with a budget like this for a blender user are infinite. For cycles especially, a multi-gpu setup should be your main target.


Unfortunately yes, my choices are limited to laptops at this moment.