Need guidance to make a career at 40 in CG


Hello Industry Masters,

I hope I am not the only one facing this problem. please read through to understand the situation.

This is a true yelp for help from a 40 years old guy, 20 years veteran graphic designer who never got formally educated(other than few crash courses in GD).
I really need to make a career out of CG/3D animation/modelling industry. WHY?

    • I am working as a GD for the past 20 years and, as a 40 years old I have evaluated few career changes, and realized that I better stick to what I have experience in, rather than starting a completely new career.

  • -> I do not consider myself as a hand artist, in fact I really can’t draw, but I can replicate a design in computer.

Here are my driving factors:

  • -> I am sick and tired of being a GD for 20 years and never moved up the ladder, I feel like this is a dead end.
  • -> New, younger, and hungrier people overtake me in my career, and I feel ashamed when a non-GD person(younger person) comes and tells me what to do design wise because people think anyone can do what GDs do.
  • -> So, I have decided to do something more specialized where not everyone can think they can poke their nose in easily.
    • I am a family man and do not have 30k,40k,50K some $ to put towards fancy courses.

SO please, is there anyone out there kind and generous enough to guide me to a course that is:

  • -> streamlined and covers all the topics
  • -> I do not care about a degree in the end of the course because degrees don’t mean much in CG industry where portfolio is the boss.
    • Is there any one master or one course that can teach me everything? I can try to pay the fees in instalments or take a loan

  • -> finally like I mentioned above I am not very good with drawings so any technical course in animation industry could be good.

I know it’s complicated to understand everything I said but feel free to as me questions if you like.

Thank you for reading.

P.S I am in Alberta, Canada, and I would try to do things online preferably