Need Feedback / Advice on these stylized character reference sheets


Hello everyone,

I'm taking the next step in improving my 3D modelling skills by working on human stylized characters and I would like some feedback on the anatomy of the following reference sheets. I have a list of guide questions but if you find something else that is off, feel free to let me know.
  1. Do the arms and torso look like they connect accordingly? (Especially on the armpit area)
  2. Are the proportions in the female character plausible? (As in, is she too thin or do her breast look like they’re going to break her back?)
  3. Do the eyes translate well between front and side view?
  4. On the side view, are their legs curved enough or are they impossibly straight?
  5. In their side view, do they look like they’re balanced with their center of gravity or do they look like they’re going to fall over?
  6. Should the legs in the front view be more straight to make rigging easier?

Thank you very much in advance!