NEED Constructive Criticism on my Animation


Im new to animation and have started a Youtube Channle, if you could give me some ways to improve it would mean the world to me! thanks


Welcome to the world of animation. First of all, good job completing a film and having the insight to come here and ask for feedback. That’s no small feat.

As for your animation I’m going to focus on your narrator character. These tips will help with the rest if the film as well.

His eyes are doing the heavy lifting of the acting. It’s clear you’re reusing the head and body. If you’re going to pop between poses each pose should be strong. His body should move when his arms do and the head with it.

Perhaps used much more sparingly this well sell the acting better. Even better you could add some simple animation by overshooting and settling into a pose.

Then you’re half way to full animation. Read up on the principles of animation if you haven’t.