Need an illustrator with a bit of animation (2D) for nice short film



I’m Pierre B, a filmmaker. I have shot a nice short film about losing imagination when growing up.

Synopsis: A young girl who is growing up and stop playing with her toys, discovers the magical world of Rehak who is merely a drawing on her bedroom wall.

What I need: The young girl talks with boy drawn on a wall, and I need a drawing artist/animator (just for a few shots) to complete those drawings.

There are not complex drawings as they are ‘childish’ drawings, but I still want a nice style.
There a few shots with animation at the end.
here is my personal tests
I need something more fluid but still keeping simplicity

Here is the prototype of the drawing boy called Rehak
His friend Bubu
And here a scene more complex (not very good as I did it myself as reference)
(scroll down to see the action scenes)

It’s no-budget project but still a good quality film as experienced and talented people (Actress, Dop and Production Designer, etc.) worked together to make it.
It’s a 5-6min but the first third of the film as no drawing at all.
Excerpt of the film (work in progress with temp music):

As it will be still images in the film I look for someone comfortable with lines of action to break the stillness of still pictures.

The style is a mid-way between cartoonish and realistic: cartoon because we are in the imagination world of a little girl, but mid-realistic as the drawings has to match with the rest of the ‘live’ film.
The concept development of Rehak is a good example.

There are around 85 drawings mix between simple modifications of the main character and some complex scenes with set and more characters.

It’s a low-paid job, I can offer $250 flat fee.

If you are interested please send me an email with your portofolio and I will give you more details.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Pierre B