Need an experienced C++ developer for 3Ds Max


Hi there,

I’m the staff of D5 Render, you can also search us on Youtube or Facebook. For now, we have integrated our rendering engine with 3Ds Max.

However, some features of the online version are developed by MaxPlus and Python 2.7. So it can’t support 3Ds Max 2022, and our users want us to support the latest version. Furthermore, it also has some problems with efficiency. Thus we want to re-construct this plugin with pure C++, and want it to support the version from 2014 to 2022.

If you have sufficient experience developing plugins for 3Ds Max with C++, just join us

You can contact me here, or by email:

Developers around the world are welcome since we can communicate and collaborate remotely. It would be good if you can recommend us to people around you

Thanks, guys.