need advice


Hi, I am nwe here. I try to learn digital painting. Here is my first piece. I will be grateful for any advice. What i should focus to or what is importatnt to learn. Thank you.



That all depends on what you want to achieve.
Are you trying to improve to look for a full-time position?
What is your style or area of expertise?
Who are you inspired by? Use your inspirations to craft your style.
Even try copying the work of your favourite artists to learn how they achieve their results until you understand your own style (fake it till you make it)

Do you want to work in games? movies? illustration? concept art?
Have you studied the classical skills? Life-drawing/proportions/color theory/using different media…

There are so many things to look at!



I am sorry for incomplet information. I am studying an animation now. Mostly I do classic stop motion, with puppets And so… But i want to improve myself And learn Digital painting. Until now I was drawing Just in my sketchbooks and at the school with pencil, watercolor, And acrylic. Now i want to try this medium. I think everythink around me inspiring me. I am interesting in concept art And character design. Most of my stuff in sketchbooks are based on character or abstract paint.

I was also studying the color theory, draw according to life model, art history, little of sculpting, book binding, And other subjects in the school.

I think, character design is what I want to achieve. I am trying now remake in digital some of my sketches of my sketchbooks.

This one is just a sketch of something in my mind. With no big importance. I did not think About it much, but it’s first, what I make in Digital.

Full-time job is I think Just a dream:). I would like it, but i Don’t think I Will be once so good for it. But I Will try to make some portfolio. As strong as I can. And than…Will see

And also sorry for posting this thread three times. It was some mistake.



I replied to one of your other posts, but I’ll delete that one and repost it here:

Your piece uses an interesting visual design to hide a lot of weaknesses you have as an artist, but it’s effective because it does border on having abstract qualities.

There are certain critical foundations of visual art that you must learn and master if you want to become a proficient artist–namely subjects like composition, values, lighting, color theory, anatomy/figure, etc.

If you haven’t done so, head on over to the “Art Techniques & Theories” subforum (linked below in my signature), where a lot of very helpful information on how to develop effectively as an artist are included in the sticky threads.


…thank you, that you told me some feedback. I decided to move for a classic technique for a while and I find out that I really like watercolors :slight_smile: Maybe, if you want, I appreciate a feedback again :). I also want to continue with learning digital painting, but at first I want to be better with classical techniques. So thank you very much for responding :wink:



Your artwork is gorgeous! I really dig it.

Your traditional water color/acrylic paintings have such an interesting look. Id love to have one hanging on my wall. I feel you definitely have a talent with your traditional art and you should definitely keep it up!


Thank you very much. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: