Need advice on creating a shot where an actor morphs into an animal


Hi, I’m a novice 3D artist and I’ve been asked to transform an actor’s face into the face of a gorilla for a live-action film. It will be one short shot. I have access to 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Z-Brush, and Substance. At first, I was not exactly sure where to start but I was determined! So I asked around and I was told to make a model of the actor’s face topology, then model the gorilla. Then I need a basic face rig to matchmove the actor’s face.

I’m starting to realize this is a fairly involved shot so I’m looking for simpler alternatives, especially after watching this clip from behind the scenes of the avengers.

I’ve found this tutorial that shows you how to morph a human head into a wolf head. But now I feel like its not a practical way to achieve this shot because the program automates the morph and it only works on lo-res models.

So now I’m considering making the transformation very quick so that you barely see it. Like what they did here

and here

Even though I feel like I just solved my own problem by making the transformation a split-second animation, I still would like some input. Is there another way I can accomplish this shot?


I actually tested the morpher modifier with two models I made in z-brush. But it wasn’t successful.


OOH! I have an idea. And another question! :smiley:
Can I sculpt on top of a pre-rigged 3D model? It would save time and frustration for me.

Maybe I can buy this model, put my gorilla head onto it, somehow, and then animate it.