Ncloth Sim Bottleneck?!


Hello so I am making a shoe dissolve in Maya. I was provided with a hi poly version 700,000 plus faces and doing a hi quality retopo seems to be out of the question given my time frame and budget. I have detached the verts, then made the shoe an n cloth put gravity direction to -3, gravity is default 9.8, no wind direction or influence. I am getting the intended effect I want. My main problem is rendering time… It seems at about frame 300 and up the rendering time significantly slows down. I’m getting like 1 frame every 15 mins (800 frames needed :frowning:) . Outside of doing a lower poly retopo and simulating with less faces is there any other options to increase my render times. I’m more of a 3D modeler so I’m a bit inexperienced with Ncache and wondering if that is only good for playback or also the render times. Any suggestions or advice pointing in a better direction would be much appreciated.


Caching your simulation means when rendering it wouldn’t have to calculate the sim too, since it’s already calculated. That should help.

Otherwise, not knowing which renderer you’re using or any settings isn’t going to offer us enough detail to help you with that part of things. Normally we would assume Arnold or mental ray, but most people can’t stand those two anymore.