Navigation Problems in Large Scene



I’m having a lot of trouble navigating around my model in sections that are very small - bigger objects aren’t such a problem. I attach an example …

Unlike maya you can’t always pivot precisely in 360 around objects or selections it always drifts…

I use O and S to try to orbit Oject and Selection.

PS - I’m working inside of a huge Hierarchy of connected objects for Animation which is causing the issues. If I go into a new scene with just the cogs ungrouped it’s fine.




I assume there’s no answer - once you’re navigating inside a heirarchy of Nulls Cinema 4D gets lost with where the pivot point is for that object or selection ?


I never had that issue, no matter how deep the hierarchy. By “connected”, do you mean Dynamics connectors?
Did you try the explicit pivot (INS)?



Hi attach the scene - it is a ‘Bodged’ scene that I made one morning but if you can explain why it’s so hard to navigate be greatly appreciated. I pasted the wings from another scene in here …

I only have 2 years self taught knowledge coming from Maya so be great for some tips … again problem is pivot points and navigating the scene …


Create a new blank scene in C4D. Then go to the File menu > Merge project and merge the exisiting project.into the new file. Does that fix it?



After having a quick look in your scene, I’m fairly sure it’s that your background object is quite far away so if you aren’t paying attention to where your cursor is, you’ll end up sending the Camera Pivot (the yellow cross) much further back. As Cairyn mentioned, you can specifically place the Camera Pivot with the Ins key, that will fix it in place (it will turn in to a green cross) until you press it again making it more predictable.

You could also hide the cyclic from the viewport to avoid hitting it accidentally.

The other thing you might want to double check is that your Navigation settings are default:

The Object mode actually sounds like what you were after, so you could try that as well but I find that quite limited compared to the freedom of Cursor mode.



Much appreciated for the responses - I’ll have a look in detail this evening looking at these points and hopefully find a solution.

Initially - Similarly to Maya pasting / merging into a new scene has made it a lot better already :)…