Nataliel_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


LadyMedusa, awwwww! I LOVE Harry Potter!! I didn’t think of it, but now he totally looks like a Patronus! Cool!
And yes, art plus emotions can play veeery strange mind games…
Here is one of my vectors.


Today I wanted to draw something dark.


Haha, nice dragonfruit :smiley:
I like your last one as well, its “quiet” yet sort of static, if you know what I mean? Like almost a storm brooding up.


Very dark but appealing.
Excellent impression.:slight_smile:


Thanks, STFVIT and LadyMedusa! :smiley:


Here is the Ice Prince. He definitely struggles from anatomy issues, but I had very little time today. Don’t worry, Prince, I will correct you some other day.


The snow tree with lights is just perfect!


The little creature with the bone is so cute!! I love it :smiley: I like your last two images as well - definitely shows a story :slight_smile:


Aww, that’s a cute owl :).


Yes anatomy struggles are inevitable, but you gave him tooooo many fingers. Unless that was intentional… never do that one again! I like their expressions tho. And most of the upper body looks good. You could even just crop below the waist-


Thanks, everyone!
Great tip, infinitedivide! Haha, it was not intentional. Hands are one of my weak spots. Need to focus on them more.


Today i felt very sleepy, so i sketched while cuddling with my sofa.


Aww the little monsters are cute :).
It is a little strange that you’re cuddling with the sofa, haha. I used to have a friend who would do that. I used to think she was the only one :p.


Thanks, LadyMedusa! :slight_smile:
Anyone would want to cuddle with my sofa. It super fluffy. Like a cloud. We bought it at a consignment store and it is the best sofa I’ve ever had.


Aaaah Fluffy sofas are so cool XD! They stopped selling those here a good while back. My friend that did this just liked the way leather felt.


Nice, I like these a lot :slight_smile:


Here is the next one.


Your sketches are quite nice!


_these little Creatures are eating all the gifts


Very calm and pretty sketch :slight_smile: