Nataliel_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Thank you all of those who posted in my sketchbook! Love hearing from you and if you have any tips or critique to give me - please, do!
I really like sketching every day and it feels like i am developing a habit!
I am not pleased with my sketches at all. Definitely there is a lot of work ahead. But at least I started something. Great challenge!
Today my mother in law gave me a cute idea: Reindeer Rudolph is looking for a cookie in the snow.


Not pleased with your sketches at all?! Girl, they are beautiful!
This one reminds me of that story with the pancake that doesn’t want to be eaten. I used to love it as a kid :).


I like that desperate cookie! So funny


it’s noticlbe the progress! very nice artwork!


Ehehe! Hey i loved the lemon on my page :slight_smile:
The reindeer and the cookies running got great!


Thank you very much, everyone! :smiley:

#LadyMedusa, I am not familiar with the pancake story. Sounds cute! How does it go?


Today I tried to picture snowmen who come to life with a touch of Christmas magic.
Probably it should be more colorful, but i was short on time.


That’s a cute drawing :). The middle snowman looks the most alive.

The pancake tale shortly summed up starts with a woman making pancakes for her 7 hungry kids. When the pancake hears them wanting to eat him, he gets scared and rolls away. He meets a chicken and they say “good day”, the chicken begs him to stay so she can eat him but he says “I have escaped the wife and her 7 hungry children, I will escape you too chicken wicken” (he gives them nicknames that rhyme), and rolls away. He meets several animals and each animal gets added to the list. He then encounters a pig who instead of begging him to stay so he can eat him tells him that the forest is dangerous, and they can walk together. The pancake finds this reasonable and they do. When they come to a river the pig suggests that the pancake sits on his nose to cross the river, and the pancake jumps on and gets eaten.


LadyMedusa, sweet! Thank you for telling me the story! :smiley:
There is a Russian version of this story, a classic folk tale named “Kolobok” (The Bun). Kolobok escapes from granny and grandad and meets forest animals. In the end he gets eaten by a fox.
Yes, the second snowman is my favorite, too. The closest one to us is still not touched by the magic and hasn’t come to life yet. But it is probably not too clear…



Fascinating how two different countries have such similar tales :).
I did suspect that it wasn’t alive yet, although it wasn’t very clear. Those things can be hard to convey though.
I like your new work too :). Who can resist a warm cup of hot chocolate? (unless you’re allergic)


LadyMedusa, I have goosebumps when i smell hot chocolate! :smiley:

I like what this challenge does to me. With every following sketch it is more and more easier to make myself sit down and draw. I had a rather long dead period when I could not make myself even doodle on a piece of paper. I am not sure what happened, but I am glad I am getting out of it. I am drawing those sketches with the only goal - to do one per day no matter how bad they look (still hate them all, I am a perfectionist :frowning: ).
Here is a newborn Christmas dragon.


Aww, welcome to the world little Christmas dragon :).

I know what you’re saying. Before this challenge I didn’t really take the time to draw on a regular basis, and I have to admit my creativity dwindled. Just now that I’m “forced” to draw, it’s coming back. It’s good to have theese challenges.
Im curious, do you still hate your drawings after a few weeks as well, or mostly when you’re sitting with it? I’m a perfectionist as well and mostly hate it when I’m drawing it. It’s good practice to post even the works you’re not happy with. Just know that many of us think your works are wonderful :slight_smile:


The little dragon is really cute.
I’m curious to see the next one!


very nice illustration the last one!


Hot chocolate on the window is a very cool piece! :slight_smile:


Your snowmen are so happy looking! I like the dragon and the ornament - that’s a cute idea.


Thank you, everyone!! :smiley: You really cheer me up.

LadyMedusa, thank you! Sometimes I like my drawing while i am still doing it, but as soon as I am done I hate it. Sometimes I hate it from the beginning and then I have to force myself to finish it. But I do have relieving moments when I love what I am doing. I have a specific style (vector graphics) that I am very good at and I always love the result, even after some time passes. How about you? Are you usually happy with the results?


This is my dog Indy in a shape of a winter spirit. My husband and I usually tell him that he is filled with magic :slight_smile:


I like it :). Kind of reminds me of the patronus spell in Harry Potter.

I usually hate my works the most when drawing them, and then, like a week later or so, I’ll either like it or be completely indifferent to it. Strange. I’d like to see your vector-works as well :slight_smile: