Nataliel_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


You have a very good line for comics, very clean and expressive.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Still a lot to learn!


Trying out some new Photoshop brushes.


Haha, the dog XD.
I can imagine that this is the kind of tradition the little girl love as a little kid, absolutely hate as a teenager, but then misses and loves as an adult again :).


Nice feeling.


Thanks, people! :smiley:


Had no time for coloring this time. But I am glad i made it on time! :smiley:


Ahaha! Naughty Santa. Very cool :smiley:


Very quick one this time. Busy day.


Cardinals are my favorite birds!


Aww, that marshmallow is having the time of its life <3.
Cardinals are cool birds :slight_smile:
Keep it up!



I feel like I went off topic. I wanted all of my sketches to be Christmas fantasy themed. But the last two are just fantasy themed.
Today’s sketch is dedicated to my sweet baby girl who couldn’t fall asleep for a long time today. So, here are some nights fairies to help her to fall asleep and to have sweet dreams.


This came out really cute :slight_smile:
I hope you had a good night after this episode, ehehe


like a lot your style and conceptual ideas.


nataliel you’ve put your illustration in my thread by mistake, ehehe… the one of the lemon :smiley:


It did sound like she was stressed after a long day at work. She probably went straight to bed after drawing it.
Either way, it’s a great lemon. I wanna give him a hug <3 :slight_smile:


Yesterday I accidentally posted my Day 9 sketch in somebody else’s sketchbook :frowning: Sorry, POSEIdOON!
So here is yesterday’s and today’s sketch.

Lemon sketch story:
This one is 5 minutes quick. I came back home late and almost forgot to do the sketch. At 23:50 I said to my husband “Quickly! Give me a topic!” and he said “A sad lemon with a candy cane!” :smiley: He is great in bringing ideas.

Frozen lady sketch:
Today my husband and i discussed the movie Frozen. So this was probably inspired by Anna’s freezing.


Cute characters, they have this book illustration feeling to them.


Thanks, Doomov! :smiley: