Nataliel_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Thank you for creating this challenge! I will use it to raise my motivation to draw and to train. Last couple of years were not easy and I need to wake up and get to work. I will dedicate my sketchbook to Christmas fantasies, one of my favorite things since childhood. Good luck me and to everyone!



Very cool idea! I love it.:cool:


nice sense of humour and skillz.


Liked your drawing! Very Christmas theme and you made a good environment


Haha, nice one :). I Love Christmas!
Curious about what’s next.


Really nice approach and idea!


Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile: I love Christmas, too. So magical…


Very cute character! :slight_smile:


Today I was sad, so I decided to draw a sad scene. Death of a winter fairy.


Aww, it’s a beautiful piece. I hope your sadness doesn’t linger and all is better tomorrow -hug-


Aww, thank you, LadyMedusa! A good sleep always helps :slight_smile:


First i wasn’t actually seeying the woman sad! Just saw a mountain or iceberg. Really well done
I do hope you don’t feel sad at all but i did like your sad scene :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Today is better. I had a pumpkin cake!


Ahaha! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m a fan of cakes, pumpkin or whatever :slight_smile:


nice drawings!


Life Cycle. I like this sketch idea!



Whatever she’s running from seems frightening. I hope she gets to safety :).


I hope so, too!!