My wacom pen moves in reverse??


I have a Wacom pro tablet and a cintiq setup. Whats strange is my Wacom tablet curser now moves in the reverse direction to where I scroll the pen? Is there a setting ti change it back to normal? or is this an issue having both tablet and cintiq?


Lol, I had the tablet upside down! Nothing to see here please delete this thread. Need more sleep next time :\


Delete it? This thread should be gold plated and promoted on the front page!



For what it’s worth there’s an option in the Wacom preferences to flip the tablet if you want it to be physically flipped around but still correct on the screen.


Just in time for tomorrow’s shenanigans… :wink:


LMAO… Stop the press!!!

Might be a good drawing exercise.


I know this is an old thread, but this solved my issue, lol :slight_smile: