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Well This is my first online portfolio so im wishing to get some critiques good and bad. Thank’s guys!


Jeeze… Is it that bad that I get no response?


Hi Drew,

First of all your site takes too long to load!
The animations look nice on the buttons, but it’s is frustrating to have to wait a couple of seconds just to see what the buttons’ names are. I’m not too fond of the overall layout, as on my 1024x768 monitor I have to scroll down to see your work examples, then scroll back up again to click on the navigation buttons (again waiting 2 seconds on each one to see what they are).

The font you use on the main page is extremely difficult to read. There is not enough space between words, and the fact that it is all capitals doesn’t help either.

The main animations take up way too much space and don’t really serve any purpose. They look nice though!


PS: Your logo looks alot like the Gatecrasher logo, I don’t know if you’re aware.


it’s toooooo long to wait while your site become available - i’m not sure that many visitors will be ready to wait. inside it’a rather nice - wonderful motion on the right-top, but it’s not comfortable to use navigation.


Thanks for taking a look fasty. Its nice to finally get a quality critique! Well that’s weird you have to scroll see the whole thing because I specifically design an irregular size of 990x 760 for that purpose. Sorry you don’t like the lay out. I was going for a dynamic juxtaposition between organic curves and a grid layout for content (seemed like a fun challenge to start with two curved lines and then make the rest work afterwards). Two seconds on the rollovers would be to much sorry. I exported 3d max png sequences amounting in 20 frames to aftereffects to get my motion blur for each rollover. The animations were then imported to flash with a frame rate of 24 fps. I was looking for an animation just under a second. Judging by your screen resolution I assume you are on a laptop so it might be a processors situation. My portfolio runs like ass on my hp laptop so i can relate. I do belive that it loads way to slow but there is a warning on the splash page about connection speeds. The animation actually doesn’t take up any space as it was built with mx 2004’s media component. (it streams). I checked out the gatecrasher logo and I love it! Thanks again!


I have to say that Fasty is totally right about your site. I think the layout is not so bad :slight_smile:
But the buttons really take too long to show up. It cannot be a processor thing, as I watch this on an AthlonXP 3200+
I have a DSL 786kbit connection and it really takes too long to wait for it.
Perhaps you can make that a bit faster?
I have 1024x768 screen resolution and i have to scroll down and up again as well… :frowning:


First off thanks for even replying to my post guys. I hope my reply didn’t come off as a bunch of excuses ( as it seems now that i have read it over ). I totally agree with the fact that the button animations take way to long for a user that is looking for information on a regular basis within the site or will be returning for updated information. These issues came up with my instructors at fullsail during my critiques and they would say “told ya so” if they saw this thread. I took a hit on my grade by standing by my belief that these instructors were confusing design principals reserved for messages to be communicated as opposed to an artists body of work that should be experience as is. But honestly guys if we cant run with our imagination or flex this new technology thrown our way then what do we have? As an artist I believe we should explore every avenue we desire on our own time and push our selves with the tools we are given. By no means do i think i am pushing any envelope but within my own portfolio i think creativity should come first. I don’t expect anyone who views my portfolio to give it a second look, I only hope that on there first experience they get something different. The argument designers have over form over function is totally valid with clients. True communication design should follow these rules as it leaves no room to miss or water down the message being communicated. As an artist and a new admirer of these applications I will stand by my decision to keep my unconventional navigation methods when building a portfolio for my self because this is the one opportunity we as designers have to do as we wish. Of coarse the body of work will reflect objectives and ideas that need delivered but can’t we reserve the shell for our selves? Now i know some will say the portfolio should cater and hold the body of work over having its own identity. That’s fine and i agree that it shouldn’t take away from the work but to say it cant have a life of its own is giving up way too much.
This definitely went way off coarse from the valid points of fasty and tuzz but as an enthusiastic designer i felt this was a good opportunity to hit some topics I don’t here so much from senior designers. There is a time and a place…But when and for who?


hey there! I’m not sure why it’s taking “long” to load the site for everyone else–I had no problems with that. I do like the 3D animations and the music. However, I believe you could improve on this design. First, IMO, the reflections on the chrome finish makes the site too busy. I understand chrome has to reflect something to be chrome, but perhaps you could play around with it a bit more to get cleaner (or rather less visible) results. You could blur the reflection map… kind of like Who’s We Studios did. Additionally, I believe if you’re going for a website with a 3D feel to it, you should either extand it all of the way across or center it, and make the side edges fade into the bg color of the html body. On a 1280x1024 resoltuion it looks kind of odd with all the white surrounding it. If you would like to keep the flash file to the left of the screen then at least add the following to the body tag:

marginwidth=“0” marginheight=“0” leftmargin=“0” topmargin=“0”

That way there won’t be any space between the edge of the browser and the flash file.

Personally, I like seeing which bottons are which before I even have to rollOver, but that’s not all that important. My biggest issue with this design is the use of space. I believe that this website could be redesigned such that it still looks similar to the current version, but a bit smaller in size, so that it fits into a browser open on a 1024x768 resoltuon desktop. You could then also explore different fonts, because the current one looks large enough on the higher resoltuions… I can’t imagine how big it is on the lower ones.

One last suggestion. You should place the Demo Reel on the front page–it would make the viewer intrigued from the start and have them explore the rest of the site… Right now the website is a bit too gray, and generally there isn’t much movment other than the buttons and the transitions… some additional color would, IMO, make the site more appealing.

BTW, don’t take any of this the wrong way… I see you know your way around the software and you seem pretty experienced… most of my suggestions are based strictly on my own experience. I actually have more suggestions for the 2advanced guys then you-- I really do like this site.

BTW, I live like 2 miles away from Full Sail–it’s hard to find someone with your level experience in Orlando. Send me a message if you’re interested in boosting your portfolio with commercial projects.


Awsome critique atenyotkin! I changed the body tag. Much better! Im currently looking for a job and would love to hear about any work you have. Drop a line on the php emailer on this site. Thanks again.


Drew -

I checked the portfolio on my laptop and I still had to scroll up and down a bit to see everything. It’s running at 1280x800, but the good news is that your buttons and the movies all ran nice and quick.
It’s odd that some people are reporting it moving slowly. When you imported the png sequence, did you convert it to a symbol or leave it as is?


J.Ho, as Drew said, the flash is 990x760 so I’m not surprised you had to scroll to see the full thing, because the browser menu, bottons, address bar, status bar, etc. take up lots of space on the screen.

Drew, I’ll reply to your e-mail later today. Thanks.


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