My Personal Portfolio.


Hi Artists-of-the-world-of-today. I made an attempt to FINALLY finish my portfolio website. As for as the portfolio part, is IS finished! So you can view it here:

C&C welcome…


Hey Novocain, I think your site has some good animation but there were a few problems I found with it:

  1. Main page - First of all, the progress numbers in the preloader were only half visible, which looked a bit strange, you might want to show the whole numbers. The navigation down the bottom is also a bit too far down, and it takes a while to get to it, you should move it up a bit - I noticed there is plenty of space for the navigation over the blue-toned photo with the keyboard, mug etc.

Also, if you scroll down the page, there is a big empty space filled with a blue-white gradiant that has nothing in it, you should look at removing this completely.

The things I liked about the main page however, was the music controler and the animation of well, everything.

  1. Portfolio Gallery - When I first went here, there was no sign of it loading, so I almost closed the page because I thought there was nothing there. Then all of a sudden an image appeared just in time without warning. I think you should add a progress bar here, so visitors don’t leave too early.

I hope this helps you out.


Hi Rowan.

Thanks for the c&c.

There are a few things i like to make clear: The preloader with the numbers not showing completely is on purpose. I try to be original. The fact with the missing preloader on portfolio part, thats true. Im still workin on that. My actionscripting skills are VERY bad! The space on the bottom, ill fix that soon.



Many great artwork inside…

Just one thing dat bother me…U need to bring the music controller layer to the top. It is beneath the art gallery…

Or is dat on purpose? I dun feel it looks comfortable to viewers…hee…

If u want easier job…Just drag the music box to the upper…save u alot of layer problem script…

Keep it up!..Everybody is viewing ur site now!..


Hi again guys.

Well i fixed everything now. The whole page will preload at the beginning and then all will go smoothly. The portfolio image part is quite big, so please be patient. The one thing i’ll try fixing now, is the bottom space.

thx 4 ur help.



I actually quite liked the preloader. You can easily tell what percentage its up to (unless you’re illiterate), and after seeing eighty million bar preloaders it is refeshing to see something the gets the same information across but is interesting to look at. thats the kind of thing that will get you a job. one thing that i would change though, is the scrolling text below - i would make it either continuously scrolling or make it stop and start a bit more randomly. at the moment it seems kind of odd and is obviously just a clip looping.

good site though.

<edit> one other thing, i am looking at it at 1280x1024 and the text in the “personal portfolio” link is ridiculously small. since it is the only thing to click on it is not to hard to find, but if you want people to give you work and take the time to view your folio, tou might want to make it VERY EASY and OBVIOUS where to click. my resolution isn’t particularly big, and for someone with poor eyesight it could be a problem.


Hi Sixty

Thanks for the kind words. The scrolling text is indeed a looping movie. I will change it a.s.a.p. Well the pixelfonts…i like them but some pc-screens are a bit blurry (might also be the videocard what’s causing it) and it’s indeed hard to read. I’ll concider changing that.

Keep it comming!



I must say I quite like it. The gallery contents look solid and professional. However I do have some comments on the website itself. I find it to be somewhat cluttered, ie I find it to be quite confusing were the button(s) are to see more, mainly caused by the enumeration of skills at the bottom of the page. At first they seemed to be a menu of some sort. In fact they are not.
Also the opening graphic design is quite strong however I find the DJ-box displaced in the website design since the design mainly consists of horizontal and vertical bars and various shades of blue. I think the DJ-box simply does not belong to the that universe. I’d say this is a perfect opportunity for you to implement ‘less is more’.
Again, it looks great, just keep on going!



Hi Ronald.

Yes, I agree with you on pretty much everything you said. I really have a problem with cluttering things. “Less is more” IS probably the best thing to do right now. And i did try! Believe me :slight_smile: You only see my DJ-booth and one button. That leaves a lot of space.

The surrounding graphics really took long for me to come up with, and changing them sort of hurts inside :P. But the few words on the bottom really seem to bother a lot of people. Therefor i’ll have a go at changing that. Maybe implementing them more into the banner kind a thing.

thx all!


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