My on-line portfolio site


Hi, please look here and say your opinion. I really need feedback. Thanx.


Nice work! :thumbsup: But your server is extremely slow.


Thank you. Sorry, for slow server, tomorrow I`ll try another


Still waiting for that first pic to load

-= Bill =-


You would get more focus critiques if you follwed the forum posting rules . And if you switched servers already, it’s still very slow. If it’s supposed to be a model portfolio, you might want to consider a quicktime VR spin of your models. Or just provide a link to your demo reel. Your work looks pretty good (when the images finally load), but some of your more detailed models(Dobby) have very small pictures and it’s hard to get a really good sense of what’s what. If you also showed wireframe on shaded versions, it might alleviate some lurking suspicions that you may not have created something (not that I think that personally, but in general), or clarify whether something was done on 2d or 3d.


2joe_morgan Thanks for crit. I like the idea about quicktime VR spin of my models, but I dont know in which program can I make it. :shrug:Maybe you will tell me:shrug: All models are full 3d and there is no postwork in photoshop. Ill make hi resolution image “Dobby” soon. And there will be russian version of the site.

2All Thanx for crits and support.



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