My new graphic site


Hey everyone

First of all - i’d appreciate you checking out my new homepage and giving me some c&c:

secondly, here are some links to other things i’ve made, which can be accessed through my homepage (work>vectors) but are easier to access through here. These too i’m posting for c&c. (my old homepage) (a website i made for a band called morpheus) (just a basic design)

Thanks everyone!


The tree thing was really, really cool and took me comlpetely by surprise. It would be nice if you could do something like that for the other sections as well. It would also add polish if you could have it “close back up” when leaving that section. The biggest problem I saw was that when i clickd on an image to see the larger version it opened in a window that I could no resize but was too small for me to see the entire image. That should be looked into fairly quickly. The only other comment I have is that your site’s design feels sarse. But since I don’t know if that was intentional or not I won’t say whether that is good or bad.

Your old website was nice (I like the hand drawn aspect), but like your current site, it feels sparse.

The Morpheus site’s tree/leaves animation was excellent. Very nice hand drawn design.

The Red Button thingy was cool but could have benefited from smoother animation.


Thanks dude.

Good feedback.
First of all, i’m not quite sure u understand what you mean when you say the design of the site is sparse… in what sense?
Secondly, about the image opening in a window which doesn’t contain it - did this happen often?
This is the first time i ever use javascript and i’ve learnt it in about 3 days so its basically experimental. I had this happen to me a few times and I solved it (or so i thought). I think that if u give a certain window more than 1 second open it should resize itself accordingly…

anyway, thanks for the insightful crits :slight_smile:


Hi Opeth,
I use FireFox most of the time and the image windows aren’t resizing to fit the size of the image. I went through your site using IE and they did resize…just fyi.
What I mean by your design being “sparse” is that it isn’t (pardon the pun) flashy and with a lot of the animation effects one normally sees in a Flash-based site. This is not a bad thing though because your site is very clean and well laid-out. Navigation is fluid and typography is excellent.


as a great fan of opeth, chick corea, bal sagoth, douglas adams, your site, and well,… basically everything you mentioned there, I say congratulations. One of my favourite sites lately. my only crit: I don’t like the font… But hey, that’s a personal opinion. wow. :wink:

keep up the good work.
nice greetings from vienna


Hey guys, thanks again…

Leebert - I intended for the site to be fairly simple… partly out of a designer point of view, partly out of laziness :slight_smile:
cubizmo - Its hard to find people who appreciate opeth, chick corea bal sagoth and douglas adams! kudos, you have good taste in music :slight_smile:
Glad to hear you enjoyed my site.


I liked the three thing, cool :slight_smile: . Also the Brio site is my fav.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks Missie,
glad you like it :slight_smile:


Thanks Missie!
Glad you like it :slight_smile:


Woah thats some great creativity for a menu layout, i always used to stick with the old Capcom/Enix style layout but this kinda opened my eyes to see another style of browsing layout, tough i dont have the skills to do it yet. But seriously, the concept was great (practice your handdrawn shading) and see if you can make room transition animations when a user goes to another sections. You know, something small as the camera heading torward the door and opening on the other room. Anyway keep up the great work.


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