my new flash homepage


hi mates!
I´ve got a new page… its made in flash.

Plz tell me what u think


cu and thx for comments



hey there! nice site you have there. very clean and the navigation is simple. the only thing that jumps out is the “index and home” link are smaller. i see why you went that direction but do you need both? maybe just one and keep it the same size. i actually like the size of the index and home buttons better than the larger buttons. maybe somewhere inbetween:shrug: . small buttons are just my preference though.


you need the “index” button to jump to the “stuff” page(coming soon). And I made them smaller because u don´t really need them. But i´ll think aboud “middle” size buttons…

plz post more comments…




No more comments to the site???:cry:

plz tell me how u find it!



Looks good, man. Unfortunately I can’t look at it for such a long time, since my Camino 0.7 running on MacOS bails out after 5 minutes or so.
There are a couple of things though. I’m missing some kind of consistancy between the various pages you got in there. It’ll be nice to see your render section openup somehow in the same viewer as the rest of the website. Instead now it opens up a completely new window, which kind of clutters the unity of your website.
Also you’ve used several fonts which may be of difficulty to read for some users. Especially the LED-type font. Aswell you might want to run the “About me” section through a spellchecker, there are some spelling errors in the text.
Also your photography section is quite nice. I’d recommend using a progressive type JPEG compression though. You’ll see the image nicely becoming sharper instead of scanlining downwards.

So, yeah nice work so far! Just keep on playing with it!



ok, try thinking about another way to direct the visitors of your page to the “html stuff” section. Leave the navigation on the right clean. Try placing that “index” link to the upper left corner, for example.

C ya.


a ha I´ll think about this!


but plz post more comments!




Yes the site nice (better then works in it sorry :frowning: )but i have a question .Why do you need to learn all that renders ?Choose one of them and learn it good and then do the art works. Computor is just a tool.The power of art not in renderers.


I change some things now… plz tell me what u think.

I´ll also update the gallery as soon as possible…




Well, I’m sorry to say but I can’t read any of the text simply because the background is so incredibly busy. I’m not entirely sure but with the previous background I was actually able to see the text. The font of the menu is way better though.



yes yes… i know it… i´ll change it soon


and plz more comments



I am impressed in ur art sense at ur age!..U r goin to be great as soon as u keep up ur passion into art world!

The website is simple & neat to surf… I got no serious comment to it.

U knw why? Cuz ur artwork is the thing to keep my mouth shut… Ur site is sellin ur art not ur website layout in my view…

Forget bout the complaint or comments for ur website…DO MORE ART… Concentrate to produce more high quality artwork.

Can i knw wat is ur target in art field? Interior designer? R u a self-taught in 3D…? I am wondering…U got a really good attitude in learning…God speed my young fellow!


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