My Love In Bed, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: My Love In Bed
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: Photoshop

-Done in my free time aproximately in 5 days
-Model based on my female anatomy study
-editable poly modeling pillows and sheet
-Hair are 2d added in Photoshop.
Hope you like it!


Great image! Very nice.
I just can’t find anything wrong with it.


i love the feeling in this one…great work :thumbsup: …post some wires please


Great stuff!

Pillow look a little hard tho.


Thnx to all. I glad that you like her :wink:

Here are some wires and some details.


And some global wire…


Really nice!
You can clearly see what she’s doing, but at the same time you cant, and the fact that the room looks like a very expensive hotel room only makes it better, a honeymoon perhaps?


Cool work, I like that.

btw, your “Female Anatomy Study” is one of my favourite cg images ever.


really amazing work. she looks beatiful!!!

the only thing to criticize:
perhaps the shoulder blade (scapula) is to extreme ( i would make it more decent)


what is she looking at?

it’s a nice image, but i can’t think of why she would be sitting like that except for… well…

very nice work, i really like the hair composited into this.


Wow, now that is a beautiful image, keep up the good work!:buttrock:


I like the ‘classic’ feel you got there :slight_smile:


je to krásný. the atmosphere…just lovely!
keepup goodwork man!!



5 DAYS???:eek:

Great work.
Stry to smooth a litle bit more the Scapulas and It’s PERFECT:thumbsup:


yooohoo, can i see her face


wow…as usually very nice work:thumbsup:


absolutely amazing, nice atmosphere!


absolutely beautiful.

This is one of the nicest pics i’ve seen today. very natural, great attention to detail. And I can’t belive how simple the model is. EXCELLENT!!


Thanks again CGtalkers :beer:


i love this one:)
since the first time i lay my eyes on this image and am loving it…
actualy am a big fan of you…may be since i saw your Gramophone at the 3dlinks gallery at
the pegining of this year …and i was tracking your steps since then…i enjoed the interview @ 3dkingdom (congrats:) for the AOM…i know its kinda late:) ) and i book marked your home page …by the way …i love the animation that plaies along with that great sound…i was impresed by the awards you got …(what da hell is going on with the links man…its gone) :slight_smile:
any way … i just want you to know that you are my favorit artist on the wep…[color=palegreen](and i mentioned that in an interview with me )…really i admire your work very much[/color]
and for the record this is the first time i ever write any thing to you:)
aha…tell me something will ya…you do love warcraft…wright?
any way …
am sorry if this thread is too long …but …belive me i was holding my brackes since the first line:) what can i do man…you r my (Obi wan):slight_smile: