My first post


Hey guys. I’m new to this site. And i’ve only started doing illustrations and such not too long ago. Anyhow, here’s my first ocean for ur viewing :smiley: let me know wat u think!


I think the color of the sky is not suitable with the water
A sunny day maybe better:)


very pretty,
i like the waves. i think the coloring could be worked on a little. i’m not quite sure about what the weather or climate is because there are some conflicts. the sky looks like it might be cloudy because you have what appears to be the sun poking through faintly on the left, yet, the sky is still very blue. if it were cloudy, it would be gray and if it were clear skies, there wouldn’t be so many dark strokes and swirls. it would simply be a flat color or a gradient. also, if it is a cloudy scene, the light wouldn’t be that intense on the waves. the waves themselves look really nice i think, it’s just the lighting and environment are inconsistant. nice first try though. you can only get better.


thanks u two. well, actually, wat the latter of you two are talking about is how i painted this piece. dark and such. but then, i went into PS again with the jpeg and did the color balance stuff, and it came out as this. of course i forgot about the sky, so i left it as bright. but i guess i should have left it dark. thanks for the advice. i treally helps :smiley:


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