my first human head (2)


ok now this was a bit of a disaster the first time around. but hopefully this should be it now!
Please tell me what every one thinks, any constructive critisism welcome. but I knw I’m just not any where near some ppl’s level. But this is my first human head tell me what U think!



It looks pretty good to me, but i’m still a noob at Heads
But I think the eye socket is too big, and the eye
lids shouldn’t be sticking forward that much. O ya finish
the ears :). What program are you using?


Not too bad ped_o but one of the things that i think you need to work on, is in the side profile the jaw and the chin should all flow, but it looks like the chin has broken away from the jaw, have alook at yours in a mirror. Also the back of the jaw is going behind the ear, it should be in front of the ear.

Also inbetween the nostrals i think you need abit more skin.
And the eye lids are too projected out, you need to move them back into the head alittle bit.

Keep us updated with your work.:thumbsup:


ok some really usefull advice. yeah I have been having loads of problems with the jaw, but I will try and correct that. I use XSI 4.0


I’m always having problems starting my head.
I usally start out with a cube, and then i
smooth it out, and then start adding to it from
there. How do you start your head?


hey yeah took on the advice and have fixed the relevant points! (well !!)
click here to se the progress.
Ah I prefer to edge model starting with a sphere for where the eye should be and then just extruding the edges. Hopefully that helps.
Yeah any more help and advice would be verry apriciated.


the topology round the nose done look right mate. the way it loops on the front of it,
also the mesh seems to be a bit dence for the amount of detail u have.
how long u been working on it mate?



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