My Enviroments that got me a job with R*North


Hi eveyone i been working for R*Noth two months (as an enviroment artist) now my first industry job and im loving it, i thought i would post some of my work that got me that job. Critiques are welcome, im still very new to all this.

Hope you like!


Oh and while im going through old work i came across my last uni project i was really proud of at the time.


Some very nice stuff, I just find it a little hard giving crit when it’s not in an in-game setting, let us see some of that if you have any :smiley: Congrats on getting the job :smiley:


hay m8 that is awesome stuff

by the way is there rockstar studio in london cuz I though they were in up north of the country



Great work, would like to know what application it was done with.



First of all, congratulations on the job. I have been trying myself for a while so I know how hard it is. Good for you. Your environments look great to me, very pro. I can see why they hired you. Its great that you posted your portfolio work. It helps everybody trying to get in to see what the standards are. Good luck!


Thank you everyone for you comments, no there is no raocksatr company london thats just where im from i had to move up to edinburgh (but its well worth it). sorry i didnt descibre any of work properly, i used 3d max 7 and photoshop for all of it. thanks again for your great comments


tat is really awesome and very inspiring stuff man…

p.s:wot tips would you give to aspiring enviroment artists?..

gr8 stuff


the one thing that worked for me is, take alot from what you see from day to day, i try and do sort photo-realistic stuff so i take alot of photos in the streets of stuff i think would be a good texture after a few touch ups in photoshop and what not and your halfway there. my modelling isnt even that hard to do. for enviroments its all in the textures (to me). thank you very much for your comments


Seeing this is very encouraging, Your stuff is really nice, definitley the kind of thing rockstar seem to love… I am in the stages of putting a portfolio together aswell as a demoreel, I was wondering on theway you presented your stuff to the studio, any fancy bits n bats added to the rell and folio or was it a no non-sense sort of affair?


Great stuff - and congrats on getting into one of the most illustrious games developers in the uk!
Those environments look ace - great colour usage and good, clean textures. They could use a little detail - particularly on the chinese market one, but i guess you will always have limitations when making games environments. They have a very british, realistic look. Not idealised or charicatured.
They look a better than the environments in the grand theft auto games anyhow - its just a case of wether you would be able to make a game world as big as GTA look that good all over!

Just a question - what have R*North worked on? It was the american rockstar branch that did GTA wasnt it?


:scream: R*North have done the whole GTA series and Manhunt.:thumbsup:

Good pics fella. Nice Bus stop!


Hi there, Great work just the kinda stuff i love to do! Excellent news on the job! How long has it taken you to get into the industry? i’m on two years now and growing the more frustrated each day! As asked earlier if you could mention about how your application was put together, did you send prints or just a cd? what qualifications do you have? sorry for the questions but as you can see by the posts a lot of people need help from the artists that make it into the industry, I’m sure you understand:) lastly here is my work if you could look at it and comment on what you think I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks,


Hey congrats on the job! Really nice work, nice mood, good architecture, maybe some compositing in regards of the perspective would helped to push it even more (though, who cares anyway :).
Curious, are you using any next-gen stuff like normal-, spec- oder decorationmaps?

Best work in my oppinion:

For anybody, who want to do similar stuff and want to get into the industry, some tips, show flexibility and show you like hard and sometimes boring work like Env art is sometimes. I think 2-3 nice dioramas including characters, particle FX (rain, steam from the underground, leafs whirled up by the wind etc), good mood and lighting (also look for photographic composition refrence) all next-gen in top notch quality will bring you into the industry.

Interesting thing for those who want to get into the big R. I will work at R*vienna hopefully soon, and being a character modeler from nature, I also made it with env art (that I am not allowed to show atm :). So get away from your arrogance and make bricks and walls :slight_smile:

Congrats again for the job and have fun making GTA4 or whatever :slight_smile: and say hello to Rick from Shimmer.

Yay, another talent in!


Very cool you got a job. Im interested to know if you texture your invironments by unwraping or procedual threw the materials editor and I think I can get a job with Rockstar…if only it was in canada.


In one of the venues you have some chain link fence - what method did you use to get that apperence - I’ve noticed that chain link is one of the hardest materials to communicate beacuse of the fact that it is comprised of primarily diagonals and alpha - this creates some huge obsticles with mipping and texture size versus quality. What was your strategy here? Would/does it display well in a game engine? From many angles?

Thanks for your post and any feedback . . .


theres always rockstar vancouver you could try with if you dont fancy making too big a move


nice work and congrats on getting the job - your last uni project looks really familiar, were you at portsmouth by any chance?



i work at the same place so i might as well tell of my account…
i sent in a cd, which had my reel and stuff on it. made my own packaging. nothing fancy just a slim case with a home made sleeve. Make sure you include a covering letter. pack, then send away. and i did a computer arts degree at uni. year later got a job. but it helped that i got involved in a Mod.


Cheers ninjacore, now to put my ass in gear and get me a reel together, one thing Ive found, not sure if its the same world over, but if you have an art related job you find it hard to get a job, either your over qualified for a simple shop job which you want to make ends meet or you left uni without a good enough portfolio and so struggle to get work related to your degree and thats if there is anything near you.

The lack of a job has started to get me down, everywhere i apply for a normal job I get turned down or they dont even bother to get back to me with a reply, with arty jobs I dont feel my works good enough yet, although my friends say as a digital illustrator i am fantastic ( nice of em eh?) so now I think Ive finally decided on a course of action, I have always wanted to do something to do with games and so that shall be my aim, model some great stuff and nice mix of envirnment and character and hopefully a varied style to boot… so fingers crossed…