My character's goals does not render properly in Cinema 4d


I created my character together with the joints and goals and poles which can make the character move.

I binded the modeling of the character with the joints as well as the goals and finished weighting them as well.

The goals work really well when I using them at the editor/preview vies, however, when I see them through the render to picture viewer, the movement does not apply to my character. All of the position just stays as 0. The problem also happens even when I render it as a final image.

Even when I see at the editor view and the render view, the goals work really well.
Only the render to picture viewer has the problem.

The only thing I’ve figured out is when I move the joint, the change shows well at the render to picture viewer. Only the goals have the problem which are not properly applied at the render to picture viewer.

Does anybody know a solution of this issue?

this is the image which the goals are worked properly through the edition as well as the render view.
But they don’t work at all at the render to picture viewer as well as the final render image.

Many thanks.