My Bedroom Design, Alfa Smyrna (3D)


Title: My Bedroom Design
Name: Alfa Smyrna
Country: Turkey
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I have designed and rendered this bedroom in my free time. All models are self-made.

I tried both curtains and blinds on windows and in some shots there is curtain and in some there are blinds instead.
I flipped one of the shots just because I like it more that way

All your comments are as always welcome.
Best Wishes for all.


I could’t edit the image so I am sending this image again.


Pretty work. Something weird, maybe, in the parquet floor’s reflection, and in some pics DOF is a bit disturbing, but overall I love it.


great work dude! lighting is so natural


Sweet stuff man, really like it!


Lighting is very nice…blinds option is better IMO :thumbsup:


wow!!! So good!!! Great lighing and texturing… :thumbsup:


photorealistic… congrats…!


Stunning Alfa! :wink:


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