My Bathroom, Inna Goroh (3D)


Title: My Bathroom
Name: Inna Goroh
Country: Namibia
Software: Blender

A Vray Render of my bathroom. Modelled in Blender. Rendered in 3DS Max with Vray. Textures and post work in Photoshop.

A small animation:


Excellent render.
One thing that bothers me though are the shower tiles in the top render. They appear to be a little wonky, as if the whole floor area has been warped.


realistic render… :buttrock:, u should post the making :slight_smile:


A bathroom (again) with boxy shapes and poor lighting. There are lots of things needed to be improved in that image. You should post it to WIP/Critique forum and continue work on it based on the critics.


Of course they are boxy shapes and poorly lit, it’s a recreation of an actual room that is boxy and poorly lit… that’s just how builders roll.

Admittedly it may not be the most original of creations, but you cannot blame him for the flaws mentioned above. I think that whilst it does not show any huge leap of creativity it is a technically very impressive piece and he deserves credit for sheer technical skill.

I personally could not find fault with the image and think you should offer something constructive or take your personal vendetta elsewhere.


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