My art works for CGtalk


This is my new arts. Hope you like it.
Note: when yo are viewing my arts. please look at my art pictures from far, because these are paintings, if you wanna know the real meaning of my arts. please go alittle far then look at my arts.

Hope you like it.

Best Regards


OMG ! that’s soo cool…

the 2 picture makes me feel soo calm… very nice work but it needs more details.


Art work #2 is my favorite. I could die there…hmm, or maybe the place to go after I’m dead. :wink: oh well, good work and it’s always nice to see traditional art - keep it up ZMC.


I’m glad that you people are interested in tradional paintings.
Thanks everyone.

Best Regards


What do you think about this painting?

What do you think about this painting?

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:surprised:) :drool: Those waves are really nice! Makes me wanna go for a swim, it’s 30 degrees celsius here. Very good, is it acrylic? (a bit disturbing with the red text though!)



Those waves are amazing, they have this glowing feeling to them. I can almost feel the wetness. You are good at putting feelings into your paintings! (If you know what I mean) You capture the moment. :arteest:


Thanks Justinph5 & Aelea
I will post my new art tommorrow, hope i get response from all of you again.

Best Regards


My New Art. Hope you all like it.

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7 New art updated.

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I’m awear they’re hand painted, note the comment about the horses picture, i assumed he hand painted them and then used a camera to take photos and get them on the computer.


You made an incorrect assumption, because i was not implying that the paintings were made over photos, i was simply suggesting that the picture might look blury because the hand painted image was photographed to get it on the computer so he could post them on here, they’re quite obviously hand painted original works, and good ones at that.

I appologise to ZMC if it sounded like what Dannik described, it’s not what i meant atall. I think they’re very good original hand drawn paintings.


dear him selfe, we were thinking that fishy means that :smiley:
Now I got what you mean, Thanks for your response.

Best Regards


Damn, i hate missunderstandings on the internet. They result in dosens of explanatory messages! Those smileys don’t help much either… :banghead:

Oh well, ZMC man you need to get a tripod, or change the shutter speed of your camera. :slight_smile:


Hehe well missunderstandings are easily done, but no problem we all understand in the end :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work ZMC :thumbsup:


If you explain so clearly that nobody can misunderstand, somebody will.:applause:
Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot. so i misunderstand alot :smiley: cause it’s my style.
It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood.
Any way, Thanks for your comments.

Thanks + Best Regards


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