My art works for CGtalk


Here is some of my art works, Hope you all like it.

Hope you like it.
Your Comments are welcome.

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I like them all as themes and as composition and colors. Maybe the one with the horses needs a little more definition. But i would gladly hang them on my wall. :slight_smile:


all of them are done by Hand work, no computer effect. hand art works. :deal:
If you have any idea to make it more interactive. let me know

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Thanks Dennik for your comments
I will try to work on horses, as i can see too, it need alittle more work.:thumbsup:
Thanks once again for your info.

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More contrast and definition would help. Your work is too bland for my taste. Out of the three, I like the last one. Work on that one because it has potential to become a somewhat realistic painting (but it will still be pretty boring)


I love the last two. They have a feeling of a place to go where time is lost. The horse one is good, but a little to sketchy for my tastes. ^^


HEy ZMC i like ur work, it’s surly awesome.the one thing i notice about the clearity of horses, why u didn’t give them more details ?
:bounce:but any way really bravo >>>>>>>>>>>:bounce:
keep it coming.



At once i would like to thanks from all of you.:buttrock:

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Hi once again
As you all mention that the first one ( horses ) are not good enough.
I can tell you all that work of the first one is better then the other 2.:deal:
Horses graphic quality is abit down, i think it’s 47%
so that’s why it’s quite blured. I will try to upload his 100% quality.
Thanks once again for your Comments and advises.

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very nice work :bounce:


10x + thanks = pearl3d

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Very nice work, I like the paintings, like another guy said the last two have the feel of places forgoten by time.

I think the horses picture is blury because the camera was not steady when it was photographed? The angle is a bit off aswell as you can see slightly off the painting in one corner.

These pics are realy good but i have a slight smell of something fishy, perhaps it’s just my nose :shrug:


If you read the thread, he says clearly that those pieces are hand painted (and i guess scanned afterwards ) so you can blame him for not cropping them correctly in photoshop. :slight_smile:
There are far more realistic paintings in CGtalk, look a little bit further if you are interested for fishing… :wink:


Dear Dennik
At once thanks for your comments, second, as i mention, i didn’t use effect of softwares, if i would, it would be nicest one, as i said in my topic, that this painting is not effected with softwares, so why you said that i could not crop it with photoshop, i know how to do that, just i upload it what it is. we call it hand power, i can do this with 3D softwares too, just i show you people my painting , just scanned, and uploaded in CGtalk. that’s why it’s abit blury, A artist knows a artist.
any way. Thanks once again for your comments.

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Thanks him selfe for your comments. :slight_smile:
Don’t be fishy, be dashy :buttrock:

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ZMC, i was responding to him selfe in a lightly joking tone, because i thought he was suspicious for no apparent reason regarding your works. In case you didn’t understand, he almost implied you were painting over a photograph, and your horses were blured, because the original photo was blured. And i responded saying that he shouldn’t blame you for anything except for the lack of correct cropping of your scanned artwork. Photoshop was mentioned arbitary, as most artists work with this software, its common.
Anyway, some times my jokes don’t go through, i guess i have to work on my English a little more… :slight_smile:


Hmmm. Thanks for response.
well, as you said there is a trick to work on a original photo, tell him to see the painting i did, can you find any place like that :smiley:
well, he write comments as he is, i think he is doing sucha things :stuck_out_tongue:
My paintings are original and CP to ZMC.
I will try to post my other Arts soon.:buttrock:

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Great Job.:bounce:


Hey, you have painted some great pictures.
The only thing that bothers me about the horse painting is the proportions. IMO, your horses’ bodies are to fat, the next gets too skinny at the top, and the muzzle is too short. I’ll post an image off of a website so you can see what I mean.

Other than that, the paintings are really good.


10x= thanks Justinph5 for your info
I got what you mean, i saw my horses, there is a big problem with them :banghead:
I will try to fix it. thanks once again for your help.

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