MXSEditor Plugin : control 3ds Max's Script Editor via Maxscript


Some people might remember a plugin i created some years ago, which allowed to control the Maxscript Editor via maxscript and provides other cool stuff like having the editor in an extended viewport etc…
See original thread from 2012

Some weeks ago i started the effort to bring the plugin over to current Max version ( bigger effort because of the unicode switch with Max2013 ). Now the plugin is in a state that i could release a beta if there is any interest. Only one feature is currently incomplete:
The callback mechanism which allows to trigger maxscript functions for a group of editor events ( key presses, text changes, selection changes etc…, essentially the internal Scintilla Callback mechanism )

So is anyone interested in the plugin ?
I post this mainly to spike my motivation a bit , as it fade over the last couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Highlight words in MaxScript Editor

Nice little thingies. The extended viewport stuff is pretty useful imho. :slight_smile: