MXS: MacroScript property "IconName:" in 3dsMax 2018-19 and #usericons folder


Hi all!

Is there some way in macroscript to make it read png icon images from the #usericons folder using IconName:“MyIcon” instead of the usual icon:#(“MyIcon”,1) in 3dsMax 2018-2019???

I’ve tried various ways to get this to work but I’ve never been able to get the icons from the #usericons folder to be read using “IconName:
No matter what I do, the icons are only read from the 3dsMax \UI_ln\Icons\ folder

Although in versions of 3dsMax since version 2020, macroscript correctly understands the “IconName:” parameter and all icons open from the #usericons folder!

Is this a 3dsMax 2018-2019 issue or is there some special way to get this to work?