Multiple Cloth Collisions


Why is it an issue to have 2 seperate Cloth objects collide with each other?


Because they’re on two separate solvers. You want both clothes to be in the same solver, and as far as I know the only way is to merge both cloth meshes into one mesh, and define that as a single cloth :slight_smile:

Hope it helps


Thanks Luca, already know that solution, just wondered why they cant just make 2 solvers interact? :wink:


you can make 2 syflex object interact on 2 diffrent solvers.

you just have to define each object to collide with the other.then you have 2 colliders that interact.
this would make you simulation heavier though.
you would be better off just combining the objects together but its not the only option.


its true that you can make them “interact”, but you can not get proper collisions/interaction due to the fact that collision objects have an internal and external envelope… self collisions do not.
so using this technique you can only collide with the side of the cloth with normals pointing out… if the cloth folds over then collides, it will suck the colliding geometry in and spit it out the other side.
plus, when 2 cloths collide this way, one will always be at least slightly dominant as syflex can not solve them both at the same time per frame, they are evaluated in order of creation.



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