Multi-Res icons. iconName attribute 3d max



I need help with changing the icons of user buttons for Multi-res icons. I know that’s it’s might be possible via changing the code in .cuix file and adding the iconName attribute. But I don’t really understand where exactly should I insert this attribute.

For example the code for the standard button Undo:

Item typeID="0" type="CTB_PUSHBUTTON" controlID="50034" helpID="0" orientation="31" captionVisibility="0" iconName="MainUI/Undo"

There is iconName inside it.

But the code for the user button, Prune Scene as an example, is complitely different:

Item typeID="2" type="CTB_MACROBUTTON" width="0" height="0" controlID="0" macroTypeID="3" macroType="MB_TYPE_ACTION" actionTableID="647394" imageID="-1" imageName="" actionID="PruneScene[3DGROUND]" tip=“Prune Scene” label=“Prune Scene”`

I’ve created the multi-res icons 24/30/36/48 px in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\UI_ln\Icons\Dark|Light like it was described in Autodesk Help, now i need that the application might read them.

PS. I need to do that because on my laptop 4k everything looks great, except the custom icons, they are really tiny. But i don’t want to change the resolution of my screen only for this little bug.

I’ll be very grateful for any help.