Mudbox sub painting


Hey whats up guys, im new in the mudbox and i need the ask abount the one thing, i have problem with exporting maps, there is two ways, durning by all layer export under file ikon or that harder for me under the maps export, i make model weapon 3k polycounts and i paint that, inside the mudbox everything is looks pretty but if i export by the first way (file layer export) and import it to the 3ds max, that texture loses the quality, i also make in zbrush, and i know from this sw i make the buplicate model with sibvision levels and for better quality i paint it directly on the hi poly mesh, so in mudbox exactly in my gun model if i make more subvision, model automaticly smoothing on, and deform my gun model, in zbrush ist easy, you can turn of smoothing but in mudbox idk how or if is possible to deaktivate smoothing for original model without deformation, please if u have with this experience, i will glad for any advice, and export textures by the best way also… thank u


could you post some images please…