Mudbox displacement artifacts : getting desperate


Hello everyone !

So I quickly modeled a coat in maya, and then sent it to mudbox as an .obj, in which I sculpted wrinkles, here’s how it’s supposed to look : fancy, but I’m a beginner :slight_smile: )

Here’s the first problem : the mesh has two sides, as you can see, and although everything is fine on my highest level (6), on level 0 the side that is supposed to be inside sometimes goes through, giving this ugliness when exported back to maya :*

So my first question is : is it a problem ? I guess the disp map is supposed to fix it during the render so I don’t mind that much, but it’s just annoying to see the black faces.
And my second problem is there :*

The displacement has got these really ugly artifacts (even though smooth source models is being selected), and that is also true on other clothes I have in the same file, giving me these terrible results :

So if you know how to fix any of those issues (hopefully both !) please heeeeelp I’ve been trying everything i could think of for the past 2 days
Thanks a lot,


have you tried to bake with subD method not raytraced…?


I helped create Mudbox so I know something about it :slight_smile:

What were your displacement settings? In the docs it says “Specify the method used for the extraction (Ray CastingorSubdivision).”

It sounds like in your case you may be able to use the “Subdivision” method since you have a thin mesh object with two sides. That would help to avoid the artifact in your case.

Mudbox Docs